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Cheetah Adventure 690, un catamaran hors

Nov 09, 2023Nov 09, 2023

Cheetah Marine is a family owned and operated boatyard founded by the Stevens family in 1989. Originally, Sean was a professional fisherman based on the Isle of Wight. It was while looking for a boat capable of sailing safely in rough seas that he had the idea of developing his first 6.25m outboard catamaran. He built it in a barn on the family farm. More oriented for professional use, the Cheetah catamarans have since convinced boaters and fishermen, thanks to their marine capabilities. Today, the range extends from 11.20 m to 6.90 m and each series can be declined in several widths, with a choice of a forward cabin or a central cabin and a walkaround deck plan.

The Cheetah Adventure 690 is the latest model from the shipyard, launched in 2022. Based on the Cheetah 6.9 series, this open catamaran is 6.9 m long and has a 2.5 m wide beam with a very shallow draft of 0.3 m, allowing it to beached. In England, it is called 720, because of its 30 cm longer dolphin.

The catamaran is built in the factory in Ventnor, a seaside resort in the south of the Isle of Wight, UK. The construction is made of contact fiberglass. The bright works are in monolithic and the dead works in PVC sandwich. The particularity of the Cheetah catamarans' hulls is a partitioning every 60 cm, to avoid water ingress in case of impact. Finally, a water-repellent treatment is applied to the windshield to avoid the installation of windshield wipers.

The Adventure concept is to offer an "all-terrain" and versatile boat to practice any kind of activity at sea. Thus, this model will lend itself as well to pleasure boating, fishing, as to water sports with its tilting bulwark and its spacious deck plan. A large scroll adds to the adventurous look and protects the hull in case of impact.

The Adventure concept also allows the catamaran to be equipped with aluminum roof racks, on which paddles and other water toys can be carried, and even bicycles for travel on land. Finally, a tent in the same pack allows you to spend the night on board.

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