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What to Know About SkyBridge Michigan: Height, Construction Details, Hours and More

Aug 18, 2023Aug 18, 2023

Offering stunning panoramic views of the colorful foliage, the approximately 12,000-foot-long SkyBridge Michigan is officially open to the public.

The bridge located at Boyne Mountain Resort north of Traverse City is actually the longest timber-towered suspension bridge in the world, and it offers quite the experience - whether you're in for a thrilling adventure or just want to take in the sights.

The bridge is approximately 350 miles away from Chicago, so you can make the drive there and back in one day. Depending on traffic, it's about 5-and-a-half hours a single way.

Once you arrive at the resort, you'll take a chairlift ride to the mountain top before embarking on what might be the most daunting part of the experience. You'll walk across the suspended bridge, surrounded by panoramic views of Boyne Valley. A portion of the bridge even includes see-through glass flooring, offering an unobstructed view of the valley floor nearly 118 feet below, according to a news release from the resort.

Featuring even more spectacular views, Eagle's Nest, the mountain peak eatery, offers a full bar, hearty sandwiches, soups, burgers and much more, according to the resort's website.

While fall may be arguably one of the best times to partake in the experience, due to the colorful fall foliage, the bridge is actually open year-round. At night, you can't help but notice the bridge, as it's illuminated for all to see. SkyBridge Michigan is open from 10 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. through Oct. 31 then Friday and Saturday only from Nov. 4 to Dec. 4. The bridge kicks off its December season beginning the ninth of that month, when it again will open daily.

Tickets are $25 for adults ages 11 to 69, $20 for seniors age 70 and above and $15 for children three to 10 years old. Ages two and under get in for free.

Tickets are valid for the whole day, so you'll be able to take as many trips as you want.

If you're planning to take a trip and want to more know about the bridge, here are some frequently asked questions on the resort's website - along with their answers.

The whole span from each end of the bridge is around 1,200 feet, according to the website. It features 1,023 feet of suspended walking surface, which the resort says is about as long as a "lengthy" par 4 hole on its golf course.

From the lowest terrain to the bridge, it's about 120 feet high. That's about two-thirds tall as the Leaning Tower of Pizza, which stands 185 feet tall along the angle of its lean, the resort website stated.

Wheelchairs and other mobility equipment aren't allowed on the bridge due to the dynamics of a suspension bridge, the resort said. However, guests who use wheelchairs, walkers and crutches are able to access the summit of the mountain.

The lifts to reach the mountain are accessible to guests with disabilities who are able to stand to load onto and off of the chair. Wheelchairs and other mobility equipment aren't allowed on the chairlift and can be checked at the base.

The towers are constructed of wood timbers sourced from a local company, the main cable consists of galvanized steel and the walking surface features steel framing with pultruded grating deck.

The bridge was created by the company Experiential Resources, which also designed and installed the Gatlinburg SkyBridge.

The maximum allowable wind speed during the bridge's operation is 35 miles per hour. The resort said its team monitors wind speed closely and will close the bridge when a high wind event occurs. The bridge can operate during rain as long as visibility is adequate and walking surfaces are clear, according to the website. If lighting or thunder occurs within a 15-mile radius, the bridge will either cease operation or be evacuated.