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Why choose Weldlok Australian Made walkways and stairways

Jul 11, 2023Jul 11, 2023


For over 65 years, Weldlok has been providing premium quality access solutions for various industrial, commercial and civil projects across Australia.

Our steel grating products cover a wide range of requirements of various industries, including coal and iron ore industries, wine and beverage manufacturing units, mines, chemical and sewerage plants, marine, drilling rigs and tourist spots among others.

If you are looking for the right walkway and stairway solutions including plant access and heel-safe pedestrian access walkways for your assets, here are the top five reasons to choose Weldlok Australian Made access solutions.

1. Compliance

To guarantee durability, safety, and performance, all steel grating solutions used in Australia must comply with Australian Standards. At Weldlok, we never compromise compliance. We produce the best walkway and stairway solutions in Australia that guarantee quality and safety. Most importantly, the grating meets the expectations of our customers.

We design, manufacture and test all our grating products (including mild steel grating and stainless steel floor grating) and handrail systems including external handrail systems to comply with the relevant Australian Standards. Our product brochures detail the standards to which they comply, along with other quality and safety credentials. In addition, we also follow a strict HSEQ policy to ensure we provide the best in all aspects of manufacturing.

2. Variety of Materials

Weldlok gives you the flexibility to choose between various steel materials for grating products that best suit your needs.

At Weldlok, we use a range of materials, including stainless steel, galvanised mild steel, aluminium, and fibre reinforced plastics (FRP) to provide state-of-the-art walkway solutions for commercial needs. We also provide various surface treatments for floor grating and handrails. For instance, we offer passivated and electropolished surface treatments for stainless steel.

3. In-House Expertise

In-house expertise determines the efficiency and quality of work a brand can deliver to its customers. At Weldlok, our expert team has decades of experience and expertise in manufacturing and delivering some of the most complex industrial, civil, and architectural projects.

Our in-house team comprises a dedicated team of engineers, designers, detailers, architectural experts, QA, estimators, and project managers that plan, design, manufacture, test, and deliver custom-made steel grate solutions within lead times. Most importantly, they will work closely with you as your partner to help you design all kinds of handrail systems and stainless steel grating solutions with innovative ideas.

4. Production Lead Times

Weldlok delivers custom-made grate solutions with competitive lead times. We provide all kinds of walkway solutions, including floor gratings, external handrails and custom gratings of the exact size, shape and specifications based on our clients’ needs. We have two main manufacturing units in Sydney and Perth as well as distribution facilities in Brisbane and Melbourne. It means you receive products on time without having to worry about the risks associated with unreliable importers.

We also have an established Asian manufacturing facility and supply network via our NEPEAN Asia Operations that gives us the flexibility to manufacture onshore or offshore depending upon your lead times. Our hybrid supply chain allows Weldlok to customise a local/import solution to meet tight timelines and budgets.

5. Supporting Australian Made

Weldlok access solutions are proudly Australian Made. We provide premium quality customised grating solutions locally, supporting the wider Australian economy. Australian steel grating products are also made to very high standards compared to some imported steel gratings. This guarantees you are receiving gratings that are of superior quality with maximum durability and efficiency.

1. Compliance 2. Variety of Materials 3. In-House Expertise 4. Production Lead Times 5. Supporting Australian Made