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Aug 02, 2023Aug 02, 2023

Overflow Pools, Benefits & Challenges:

The majority of top aquatic facilities now include two or four-sided ‘overflow pool’ or ‘wet deck’ design. What is now standard in pools across the world has its origins in the swimming events of the March 1972 Munich Olympic Games. Australian market leader Anti Wave takes a look at the characteristics, its benefits and challenges.

Benefits of Overflow Pools

When compared to traditional-type non-overflow or ‘skimmer’ pools, overflow pools provide a more professional, aesthetically pleasing pool deck environment, allowing higher filtration rates and enhanced water filtration.

With an overflow pool deck, the entry is at water level, while the water is directed across the pool surface and over into the overflow gratings and channels, which minimizes the turbulence.

For competition swimming facilities this leads to minimal turbulence caused by swimmers returning back into the Swim lanes. Non-overflow pools are not as effective at turbulence dispersal, as the waves are reflected into the pool walls, causing refracting turbulence.

Overflow pools provide a more professional pool experience for swimmers and provide a faster pool for competition and training.

Overflow Pool Challenges

The ability of swimmers to execute successful flip turns can be affected due to the lack of raised wall sections at the turning point. Injuries have been known to occur due to swimmers feet.

Overflow Pools are by design a ‘wet deck’ pool environment. Coaches and staff who are in nearest proximity to the swimmers can receive large splashes of water by each turning swimmer.

The overflow pool design also require the installation of End Walls or Block Stands in order to raise the blocks to the required regulation height, over the overflow grating channels.

Anti Wave Overflow Pool Solutions:

To meet the demands of the overflow pool, Anti Wave has a range of innovative performance solutions available in their product range.

1. Overflow Pool Gratings

Anti Wave can supply a range of overflow pool gratings with two main varieties – Transgrate or LongiGrate.

TransGrate is recommended where curves are present that require a straight or curved installation.

LongiGrate are installed in straight edged pools, where a higher level of structural support is required over the gratings channel, such as where deck equipment is to be placed over the gratings.

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2. FRP Modular EndWall

Anti Wave FRP Modular EndWall provides a safe and efficient means of managing competition and training swimming in an overflow or wet deck pool environment. The EndWall enables the installation of starting blocks and timing equipment into the overflow pool. It is produced from Fibreglass-reinforced plastic (FRP). Advanced thermoplastics overflow gratings are located on the EndWall top and front and can be easily removed to ensure quick and easy cleaning below, with the EndWall in place. The modular FRP design provides excellent value for money and simple, and quick installation.

3. FRP Pultruded HiTec EndWall

Anti Wave HiTec Pultruded EndWall is the latest and most popular EndWall model for top training and competition facilities. The EndWall features cutting edge, non-corrosive pultruded FRP construction, allowing precise tolerances and dimensions, suitable for FINA/LEN events. The Pultruded EndWall has been selected top FINA facilities and events around the world. Features include removable gratings on the top and front sides, and molded non-slip top surface, with provisions for Starting Blocks.

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4. FRP Moveable Bulkhead

Anti Wave FRP Moveable Bulkheads set the international standard for Bulkhead pool configuration and programmability, produced since 1983. Anti Wave has developed a high-precision corrosion resistant bulkhead that successfully meets all FINA regulations. Anti Wave Bulkheads feature durable non-corrosive FRP production to ensure precision tolerances and a clean and aesthetic design that is complementary to the overflow pool deck. The Bulkhead provides for the installation of starting blocks in the overflow pool environment and allows for multiple activities to be carried out in the pool simultaneously.

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5. Overflow BlockStands

FRP BlockStands provide for starting block installation and allow Starting blocks to be raised to regulation height.

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6. Starting Blocks

Anti Wave has a range of blocks to suit the needs of each facility; from the economical Anti Block featuring fixed track start Wedge, up to the International FINA Standard SuperBlock 800 featuring the Moveable Track Start System, used at top competition & training Facilities around the world.

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Anti Wave International:

Anti Wave aquatic products are the result of over 45 years of industry-leading innovation and development, installation and use around the world. Anti Wave products are designed and tested in Australia and have been exported to over 150 countries since the 1972 Munich Olympic Summer Games.

Courtesy: Anti Wave, a SwimSwam partner.

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