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Discover the Longest Bridge in Hawaii

May 05, 2023May 05, 2023

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The Kapalua Bridge, measuring 360 feet long, is the longest bridge in Hawaii. The bridge is located at Kaopala Gulch in the West Maui Mountains at 1,600 feet above Maui's northwest coast.

While the Maui government built the bridge to help access the Kapalua Zipline, the overpass has become a famous tourist site. Read on to learn more about the longest bridge in Hawaii!

Kapalua Bridge is an all-weather bridge. This means the design is sturdy enough to endure all weather conditions and is safe for tourists.

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The longest bridge in Hawaii took seven weeks to build with nine trained constructors from ERI- Experiential Resources. The team incorporated three essential modern construction techniques to achieve the required sturdiness. These include:

The lattice column towers were essential. Because these towers hail from the late 19th and early 20th century, they evoke a timeless aesthetic.

Other significant construction includes:

Despite advanced construction methods, the Pacific Trade Winds posed a significant challenge for the builders. But luckily, with all the sturdy materials and modern techniques, the bridge remains strong, with no damage reported.

Ziplining, the most popular activity on Kapalua Bridge, allows tourists to experience a thrilling adventure. They can also take in the expansive views.

There are seven ziplines on the zipline course, with lengths ranging from 300 to 2,000 feet. The zipline wires are tethered. Visitors launch from elevated platforms, flying above the trees and rich vegetation of the mountain slopes. The view is to die for!

Crossing deep valleys and ravines on suspension bridges is also part of the course. The bridges give tourists breathtaking views of Maui's natural splendor. Additionally, visitors can rappel down a rock face as part of the experience, which ups the adventure factor.

Visitors of all skill levels can take part in the zipline course. Safety is a top priority. For example, strict standards are in place and routine equipment inspections are mandatory. Also, knowledgeable guides offer training and direction.

It is best to make bookings for the Kapalua Ziplines to guarantee availability. The zipline course is almost always sold out.

The longest bridge in Hawaii is strategically located near beautiful natural scenery. The surrounding greenery provides awesome views of the cliffs, valleys, and gorges below. The surroundings include:

The Kapalua Stream and its waterfall 120 feet below the bridge are the most beautiful features in the area. Heavy rain enhances the stream's beauty. The excess water in the stream gathers before soaring off a rocky ledge and sinking 80 feet into the gulch.

The adjacent islands of Molokai and Lanai are visible on the horizon when viewed from the bridge deck. The view is most appealing at dusk and provides the perfect photo opts.

Another intriguing feature is the large nature preserve. The preserve contains one of the island's most biodiverse regions uphill from the bridge site.

Kapalua Bridge is the perfect spot to see one of Hawaii's stunning rainbows. The rainbows form almost daily!


The longest bridge in Hawaii is home to various animals, including fish, crabs, and tortoises. In fact, many marine species have habitats in the stream that flows beneath the bridge. These animals are an essential component of the local ecosystem.

Aside from small fish, crabs, and shrimp, other organisms live beneath the bridge. Because they help provide sustenance for larger predators, these organisms play an essential role in the local food chain.

The Hawaiian green sea turtle, the honu, is among the most well-known inhabitants beneath the bridge. These turtles are protected and revered in Hawaiian culture. Passersby can observe these magnificent turtles swimming in the waters below the bridge.

Rising above Kaopala Gulch in the West Maui Mountains, the Kapalua Bridge stands at an elevation of 1,600 feet overlooking the stunning northwest Maui coastline, serving as the newest addition to the acclaimed mountain adventure course at Kapalua Resort. With an impressive length of 360 feet, it proudly holds the distinction of being Hawaii's longest suspension bridge, offering an extraordinary experience for visitors.

Here is Kapalua Bridge on a map:

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