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Roudebush Yacht delivers mule

Nov 20, 2023Nov 20, 2023


Roudebush Yacht & Engine Works, Dundalk, Md., delivered a new 80'x12'x5'6", 75-passenger fiberglass/composite canal boat to Georgetown Heritage, a group tasked with restoring and revitalizing the historic C&O Canal that runs through Georgetown.

Designed by Washington D.C.-based Tridentis with a 1' draft, the Georgetown Heritage Canal Boat is designed to be pulled along by two work mules. In addition, its propulsion package contains two electric Torqeedo 10 FP motors, sparking 5.6 kW of propulsive power at 1,400 (max) rpm. The mains are connected to Torqeedo 1937-00, 12.6"x11" 5-bladed propellers. The Torqeedos alone gives the boat a running speed of 3 knots.

"The Georgetown Canal Boat mission is for operation on the C&O Canal in Georgetown," said Christopher Addington, Tridentis’ program manager for the project. "The intent of the design is to provide as close a replica to a 19th Century canal workboat, including mule-powered propulsion with electric motor backup. The overall goal is to update from the original 19th Century design in order to reduce maintenance and comply with current regulations — such as ADA accessibility — and amenities."

The ship's service power is the responsibility of six Torqeedo 48-5000 batteries. "The canal boat has a canopy that covers the passenger deck providing shade and protection from the elements," said Addington. "The canopy was designed to allow the operators to transit across the top of it, providing forward and aft passage separated from the passenger deck. As the boat enters and exits the canal locks at numerous points along the trip, the operators use wooden poles that are stored atop the canopy to position the workboat inside the lock doors."

The rudders (one on each end) are stainless steel and hand-operated by a tiller. The forward rudder is lifted via block and tackle and tied off.

The boat also sports a 560 sq. ft. cargo deck.

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