Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic Molded Grating

Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic Molded Grating

Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic Molded Grating Surface Type Resion, Fiberglass and Stuffing Selection Molded Grating Spec
Basic Info
Transport Package Steel Pallet or Customized
Specification As per your demand
Trademark Haoyuan or as per your demand
Origin Ningbo China
HS Code 3925900000
Production Capacity 5000 Tons/ Year
Product Description
Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic Molded Grating


Place of OriginNingbo, ChinaBrand NameHaoyuan or customized
ApplicationFlooring ,Walkway, Trench Cover, Construction etc.MaterialResin and Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic
Surface TreatmentConcave, Smooth, Gritted, checkered coverTechniqueMolded
DimensionsCustomizedColorYellow, green, red, grey etc
ShapeCustomizedFeatureHigh Strength
Service Life10-30 yearsDelivery TimeShipped in 5 days after payment, mainly depend on quantity

Surface Type

Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic Molded Grating

Resion, Fiberglass and Stuffing Selection
Resin Application Scope
Type O (Orthophthalic type) Generally used for ordinary corrosive environment and also for sea corrosion, faintly acid corrosion as well as weathering ageing environment.
Type I
( Isophthalic type)
Generally used for the environment with stronger acidic corrosion or general one.
Type V
( Vinyl Ester type)
Generally used for serious corrosive environment with acid, alkali, solvent etc.
Type P
( Phenolic type)
Used for high fire resistance and low areas.
Fiber CompositionSizePropertyApplication Scope
Alkali-free Roving2400TEX or 4800TEXIt is of good permeability, high bond with resin matrix, which makes the products be of excellent mechanical properties and corrosion resistance.Used for high strength requirement and corrosion-resistant.
Medium Alkali Roving2400TEXIt is of good permeability, high bond with resin matrix and high acid-resistance.Generally used for serious corrosive environment
Stuffing SelectionPropertyApplication Scope
aluminium hydroxide powderFlame-retarded, enhanced, oxygen index is above 28.Flame-retarded, restraining smoke environment.
calcium carbonate powderEnhanced, moderately lower cost.No requirement for flame retardance.
No stuffing, pure resinGood transparencyNo requirement for flame retardance, high abrasion resistance.

Molded Grating Specification
Mesh ShapeThickness
Mesh Size
Grating Size
Open Area
Normal Square Mesh1338×381220×36605.587
1350×501220×3660, 2000×20006.582
2538×381000×3017, 1000×3000,
2540×401000×2000, 1000×3000, 1000×4000, 1200×300013.565
3038×381000×3017, 1000×4038, 1220×366014.565
3040×401000×2000, 1000×3000, 1000×4000, 1200×300015.553
3838×381000×3017, 1000×4083, 1220×366018.570
3840×401000×2000, 1200×3000, 1000×4000, 1500×300019.570
5050×501525×4025, 1220×3660, 1220×402521.578
Mini Square Mesh3019×191000×2000, 1000×3000, 1000×4000, 1200×2000, 1200×4000, 1500×300016.544
4019×191000×2000, 1000×4000, 1200×2000, 1200×400021.545
Micro Square Mesh3015×151000×300019.545
3013×131000×4083, 1220×366018.553
3813×131000×4083, 1220×366022.553
Rectangular Mesh25100×251000×2000, 1000×3000, 1000×400013.569
28100×501500×2000, 1500×41009.558
Heavy Duty Square Mesh5050×501220×3660, 1220×401021.548

StairsWalkways and platformsMining and industrial platformsMarine applications - e.g. marinas, jettys and mooringsArchitectural SolutionsWater trench coversChemical industry platforms and walkwaysWater/Wastewater TreatmentPlatforms and walkways where non electrical and thermal insulating properties are required

Fiber Reinfored Plastic Grating Bundled by belt, packed in pallet, carton ect.
Packing can be customized.

Company Profile
Ningbo Haoyuan steel grating Co. Ltd. is a professional enterprise in R & D., design, steel grating, SMC grating field. With innovative and pragmatic, scientific developing philosophy, following the criterion of ISO9001, it provides steel grating, stair tread, compound steel grating, fiberglass grating, drainage pit/trench cover, railing & stanchion, etc. It products are widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, environmental protection, power plants, pharmaceutical, printing and dyeing, brewing water supply and drainage, transportation and other industries. With its ten years of professional management experience and production in press welding steel grating, it is one of the few enterprises who have the technology of flat steel and galvanized steel grating in the industry. The plentiful resources, skilled team, and high level of management, make it be the fastest developed, most potential grating products supplier. Ningbo Haoyuan steel grating strictly followed the brand management of "quality making value, innovation leading the future", to provide clients high quality assurance, drawing, mechanics calculation, data collation service. With high-quality products and services combined, it has been well recognized by clients all over the world. The products have been exported to different countries and regions, such as South Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Australia, France, Kenya, etc.Contact Way

Contact Person: Sally Tel: (0)574 8388 8317