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Oct 11, 2023Oct 11, 2023

Strapping spotlights around a tree branch or trunk through a belt made of fabric emerges as the star of Quick Lighting's show. The Italian lighting company brings up ROCCHETTO TREE, a series of lighting designs that form a bond with plants, trees, or shrubs and a suggestion of the harmonious flow between light and nature.

The tube-shaped lighting seeks a modern and clean design that suits a desired context, and with its sleek black color, it mimics the environment it is in, serving its sole purpose of gracing its light where it is necessary.

IP66 made of oxidized turned aluminum characterizes the materials of the lighting, a suit to weather the weather of all kinds. It consists of a cylindrical head with a 35mm diameter, 360° adjustable along the vertical axis, and 90° along the horizontal axis. The lighting fixture comes equipped with a ring nut, treated with resin to protect the LED engine.

The series ROCCHETTO TREE is available in three dimensions (Rocchetto Mini Tree, Rocchetto Tree, and Rocchetto Maxi Tree) and in the finishings Black, White, Gold, Bronze, Copper, Burnished, and Corten. Whether an indoor or outdoor event calls for it, the ROCCHETTO TREE series adds an air of performative nuance to the environment.

images by Designboom (unless stated)

Designboom tested out the three variants of the series for outdoor use, and as in the cover image, it mounted one of the lights on a tree to illuminate the backyard, imagining a gathering set in the evening. The lighting's palette is concealed, and only the burst of light comes into view.

Integrated cooling fans prevent the fixtures from heating up, and as the company shares, ‘A layer of high transparency polyurethane resin casting at light aperture assures needed IP protection even when product orientation is unfavorable.’

Depending on the type of fixture, three to five photometric and beam angles adapt to the needs of the user's situation, from a faded-looking luminous to a landscape-enveloping glow. The adjustable body allows the lighting to be moved at 90° and 180° horizontal axis. Through the polyester belt included, mounting the lighting can be easy and hassle-free.

the three variations of the lighting

The company believes it plays with space and exudes passion for its projects, manifesting the mission to create a dialogue between life and rest, silence and noise, play and reflection. ‘We live in the light and dream of ours. We respect the needs of those who choose it as a frame for their daily life, as a private space, a space that is filled with an idea. We are with anyone who has an idea and the desire to share it, we support them to help them find their own definition of Light which, with competence, becomes a project and solution.’

every lighting includes a polyester belt

from here, all images provided by Quick Lighting

rocchetto maxi tree

rocchetto mini tree

components of the lighting fixtures

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variants: Rocchetto Mini Tree, Rocchetto Tree, and Rocchetto Maxi Tree

brand: Quick Lighting