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Duracell Project: How to laminate a tank from the inside?

Dec 02, 2023Dec 02, 2023

When refinishing a boat, it is often necessary to sand large areas of paint or gelcoat. This is essential to be able to properly reattach new composite parts and for the resin to adhere properly. In Matt's Duracell refurbishment, this is a regular occurrence. This time, it's the entire interior of the old ballasts that must be stripped, along with the dust that goes with it. The young man therefore insists on the necessary equipment, vacuuming and watertight separation of the work area from the rest of the boat.

Matt then cuts out the walls of the water tanks and their internal partitions from the old ballast tank envelope, which are essential to divide the volume and avoid the liquid hull. The question then arose of how to fix them. After having imagined for a while to laminate them blindly from a manhole. Matt decided to make a fiberglass angle around the tank. He will then glue on the new top panel closing the drinking water tank.

While waiting to receive the special food-grade epoxy paint to ensure a healthy coating inside the tanks, Matt is tackling a new job by cutting out the new access to Duracell's front cab.

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