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Extend your outdoor living space with Easiroll’s outdoor solutions

Sep 25, 2023Sep 25, 2023

Would you like to transform your outdoor space into an oasis of comfort and relaxation regardless of the weather? Do you want to expand your space so you can see the beauty of every season? With innovative design and fresh thinking, everyone can enjoy the outdoors free from the constraints of the weather – this is the defining belief at Easiroll Roofing Ltd. Based in Albany, the company offers a range of cost-effective roofing options that create a cosy, sheltered outdoor area that can be enjoyed year round.

"We are a one stop shop service for customers – large or small, young or old, the DIY builder or those who don't have the DIY ability or time," says owner Rodney Allison. "We are dedicated to making your outdoor area the best it can be."

What customers like about Rodney is that he is one of those practical, approachable people who will recommend what's suitable for your particular requirement, rather than push any one system. "We offer an amazing selection of styles, sizes and accessories to fit any space that you can imagine. There are many options to suit your style and budget," he says.

No argument there. For more than 26 years, Easiroll has offered several different roofing materials for both residential and industrial applications. Their roofing systems are ideal for most residential applications and ideal for covering spas, decks, barbecue areas, carports and the like. They have access to fibreglass, polycarbonate and acrylic roofing to suit both budget oriented as well as more expensive, upmarket, high quality projects. Easiroll systems are easily installed, require less structural support than heavy glass alternatives, are highly cost competitive and capable of lasting years without regular maintenance.

What's more, all materials can be supplied countrywide, usually with very quick turnaround times from the placement of orders to delivery of the goods. Many of these materials can be supplied free of delivery costs.

The products are so easy to work with that a good number of their customers are able to complete the installation on their own. However, should you need it, Easiroll offers the full package, including installation. "We can offer simple replacement roofing work or complete jobs that include the building of a deck with a structure, roof and side curtains to complement the use of outdoor areas," says Rodney.


The company's comprehensive range includes standard corrugated fibreglass in a roll, conventional polycarbonate sheets, or flat sheets with the look of glass. It is ideal for outdoor entertaining areas like patios, pergolas and carports. Easiroll is pre-cut to your requirements, supplied in one roll which eliminates the need for dirty joins or overlaps. "We can supply polycarbonate sheets with different profiles and tints which range from top-quality to budget lines with warranties ranging from 10 to 30 years," says Rodney.

For an upmarket look resembling glass but less costly, customers can opt for flat sheets like Crystalite, ClearVue, Custom Glaze, Twinwall and the latest innovation: EasyClick PC polycarbonate sheets. These panels offer durable, fade-resistant performance to ensure natural lighting, help warm spaces in winter and reduce UV impact in summer.

​Easiroll Roofing can also complement outdoor roofing with plastic vertical blinds and the popular Ziptrak blinds, allowing you to fully enclose your patio, deck or pergola to extend its use.

With so many options available, Rodney's advice on which system is best for your circumstances is invaluable. "With our background and experience available with the builders we can offer the best solutions, advice, materials and quality of build available in today's market," he says.

See him and the Easiroll team at 40E William Pickering Drive, Albany. Open 8am-4.30pm or by appointment on a Saturday morning.

Call 0800 654 895 or 09-415-3647. Visit for more information.

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