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Hooked On: Bonefish

Nov 25, 2023Nov 25, 2023

Photo provided by Costa Sunglasses.

The Gray Ghost. Phantom of the flats. The Silver Shadow. From the Florida Keys to the Bahamas to Hawaii, bonefish are an iconic inshore species with many monikers and a presence that is often felt but rarely seen. Their elusive behavior, expert camouflage and skittish personalities make bonefish the quintessential poster child for shallow water sight-fishing.

Costa Sunglasses’ latest Costa Film ‘Hooked On: Bonefish’ explores the pursuit of this prized gamefish, which requires expert marksmanship and delicate execution to be successful. Through tagging and conservation efforts, the quality of many historic bonefish fisheries is improving, as is our understanding of the species' movements and patterns. Watch and wade with us as we chase bonefish on the sand flats of the Bahamas and tag them on the grass flats of the Keys - available now on the Costa YouTube channel.

Costa's 'Hooked On' series explores the storied species that have captured the attention of anglers for generations. Whether renowned or ridiculed, almost every species has a loyal following tracking its every move. Other films in the series include ‘Hooked On: Bluefin,’ ‘Hooked On: Redfish,’ and ‘Hooked On: Sailfish.’