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How to catch Walleye in Stardew Valley

Oct 14, 2023Oct 14, 2023

Pay attention to the weather and season.

When it comes to fishing in Stardew Valley, you’ll need a lot of patience and luck to get any fish. But to catch a Walleye, you must pay attention to the place, weather, season, and time when trying to fish it.

The fishing system can be tricky for new players, so I recommend increasing your fishing skills or acquiring a better fishing rod before going after any specific fish, otherwise, you might get too frustrated.

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The Walleye can be found only when it's raining during Fall from 12 pm to 2 am. The Cindersap Forest pond is where it will spawn more commonly, but you can also find it in any river, the mountain lake, in the Riverland Farm pond, or in the Forest Farm pond.

I had to check the forecast on the TV to know when it was going to rain the next day to prepare to catch Walleye. When it was, I grabbed my Fiberglass Rod — since I’m already at the endgame stage of Stardew Valley — and headed to the Cindersap Forest pond near the Traveling Cart.

You have a 32 percent chance of getting a Walleye in that pond. I caught it after four tries after midday. If you are currently in the Winter season, you can still fish Walleye by activating the Rain Totem, but not if the rain was natural.

If you are in the Spring or Summer, you won't be able to fish Walleye even if it's raining.

Yes. If you look through garbage cans during Fall and Winter, there is a chance you will find a Walleye just waiting for you. Walleye is also available in the Traveling Cart if you have the gold. It can cost from 315 to 1000 gold.

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Aside from the recipes that use any fish like a Maki Roll and a Quality Fertilizer, Walleye can be put in the Fish Pond, you can receive a yellow Walleye Roe and if you use it in the Sewing Machine, you’ll get a Fishing Vest.

No villager will love receiving a Walleye as a gift, but many will dislike it, so I don't recommend using it as a gift to anyone.

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