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Stardew Valley Fishing Guide: How to Catch Every Fish, Catchable Item, and Legendary Fish

Oct 25, 2023Oct 25, 2023

A deep dive into the world of fishing that covers how to fish in Stardew Valley, catch conditions for every Stardew Valley fish, and other helpful tips like how to put bait on fishing rods

With a soothing storyline and a slew of activities to enjoy, Stardew Valley can be a haven for gamers who crave a low stress gaming experience. For others, especially those who want to obsessively collect every item in the game, Stardew Valley fishing can be a source of endless frustration. With a total of 72 fishes and catchable items, it can be daunting to complete the collection and earn the Master Angler achievement. Luckily, we’ve got you covered. This guide will cover the locations, weather conditions, time, and equipment needed to successfully catch every fish in Stardew Valley, from albacore to woodskip.

Before we dive in and learn how to fish in Stardew Valley, we need to obtain a fishing rod. On the second day of any new game, Willy will ask you to visit the beach before 5:00 pm. After a cutscene, you will receive a bamboo pole from Willy. You can purchase the fiberglass rod after reaching fishing level 2 and the iridium rod at fishing level 6. There is also the training rod, which can make fishing easier but you’ll only be able to catch common fish.

Stardew Valley implements a fishing minigame that can be difficult to grasp at first. After casting your fishing rod in a body of water and getting a bite, the minigame will appear. To catch the fish, you will need to click your left mouse button (or the Use Tool button on consoles) to keep the green bar over the fish icon long enough to fill your progress bar. Holding the mouse button will raise the bar, while letting go of the button will lower the bar. Since the fish icon is somewhat unpredictable and the green bar can be tough to control, many players struggle with fishing.

It may be helpful to rapidly tap and release the left mouse button instead of holding, as you’ll be able to control the upward motion in minor increments. Additionally, the size of the green bar will increase as you level up. At level 6, the iridium rod will allow you to use different bobbers which can make the fishing minigame easier. Finally, there's no shame in using mods to make catching fish easier.

Now that you know how to fish in Stardew Valley, here's how to catch every fish in the game. Stardew Valley fish have specific locations (see map below), time, seasons, weather conditions, and equipment requirements in order to be caught. Every fish and their respective catch condition can be found in the tables below.

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To complete the fish collection and earn the Master Angler achievement, there are 5 legendary fish that need to be caught. These fish are rarer and harder to catch than the fish above. Additionally, they can only be found in specific locations and can only be caught once per save file.

With the latest 1.5 update, Stardew Valley has added five more legendary fish, bringing the total to 73 catchable items. These fish can only be caught during Mr. Qi's Extended Family Quest, but they are not required to earn the Master Angler achievement. These will be marked below with asterisks.

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Now that we’ve gone over where and how to catch every fish in Stardew Valley, we can discuss some helpful tips to complete your collection. From constructing Stardew Valley fishing ponds to learning how to put bait on your fishing rod, we’ve got you covered.

Once you upgrade to the Fiberglass rod, you will have the option to use bait. Bait can be crafted with Bug Meat or bought at Willy's Fish Shop. To equip the bait on your rod, open your inventory and pick up your bait using the left click. Then hover over your fishing rod and right click to equip the bait. Additionally, you can put bait in crab pots by right clicking the pot once it's placed in the water.

There are four types of bait. Regular bait will shorten the time it takes for a fish to bite. The magnet will increase your chances to fish up some treasure. Like regular bait, wild bait will shorten the time it takes for a fish to bite. And lastly, magic bait can be used to catch fish from any season, time, and location, from the water you casted in.

Once you have purchased the iridium rod, you will be able to use both bait and tackles. There are few different tackle options, starting with the Spinner and the Dressed Spinner, which both increase the bite rate of fish. The Trap Bobber lengthens the time it takes for a fish to escape. The Cork Bobber increases the size of your fishing bar and the Lead Bobber prevents the green bar from bouncing at the bottom. The Treasure Hunter bobber increases your chances to find treasure. The Barbed Hook makes it easier to catch fish by having the green bar follow the fish. Finally, the Curiosity Bobber increases your chances to catch a rare fish and the Quality Bobber increases the quality of caught fish.

Fish ponds can be built using Robin's carpentry shop for the price of 5,000 gold, 200 stone, 5 seaweed, and 5 green algae. Once constructed, you can place a fish into the pond and it will begin reproducing. The fish produce various items depending on which fish are in the pond. Additionally, you can fish in the pond to remove the reproduced fish and sell them for a profit.

Occasionally, bubbles will appear in a body of water. If you cast your line into these bubbles, fish will bite much faster. These bubbles are rare and eventually dissipate, so it's important to get the most out of it while it lasts.

Some recipes can temporarily increase your fishing level. With a higher fishing level, the green bar in the minigame will increase in size. Recipes for Dish O’ The Sea and Seafoam Pudding can be learned after reaching fishing level 3 and 9, respectively. Chowder, Escargot, Fish Stew, Lobster Bisque can be learned from Willy after reaching certain heart levels. Linus will share his Fish Taco recipe once you have 7 hearts with him. Finally, you can learn Maple Bar, Shrimp Cocktail, and Trout Soup from The Queen of Sauce on the television.

And that's that! Completing the fish collection is a tough task, but it's one of the most rewarding experiences in Stardew Valley. Additionally, you’ll receive the Master Angler achievement, which you can proudly boast to all your friends. Now, go out and channel your inner Ash Ketchum to catch them all!

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