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This Lightweight Camper Magically Turns Into a Damn Boat, And We Want One

Jan 31, 2024Jan 31, 2024

Meet the world's most chill Transformer.

Germany's Sealander camper is a case of truth in advertising, as this camping trailer does double duty as a calm-water houseboat that you can sail to a dock when the campground is full.

So far, the Sealander is only North American dealers are in Canada, but the company says that it meets all required safety standards for land and water vehicles world-wide, so hopefully we’ll see U.S. dealers soon.

Then we’ll be able to enjoy the Sealander's a convertible sunroof, a telescoping swim ladder, and stainless steel handrail for boarding on the water.

The diminutive houseboat is made of fiberglass and has a light 1,100 lb. towing weight, so you can haul it to the lake with your hatchback.

As a 13-foot camper, naturally the Sealander is snug inside, but the interior benches can seat six and they convert to a comfortable bed.

There is storage below those seats that can even be customized to include a toilet, a fridge, a sound system or even a grille for cooking. Other possible features are a stainless steel wash and cooking module, a gas cooker and a water tap.

The sleek interior combines modern materials like stainless steel and plastic with more traditional materials like leather and wood to create a clean and unique design.

Sealander uses a 5-horsepower outboard to motor around, so it only goes about 5 mph at full speed, but the motor is really only intended for getting you to your anchorage so you can enjoy the great outdoors.