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Your complete guide to choosing the right beach house windows

Jun 27, 2023Jun 27, 2023

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Mark Edwards

Do you dream of spending your summers relaxing next to the beach? Do you fantasize about watching the sunset from the deck of your beach house, sipping your favorite drink? And, of course, what about those gorgeous views?

All of these things become a reality when you purchase, build, or renovate a beach house. But it all comes down to the beach house windows you choose.

Windows provide natural and beautiful light for the rooms of your house. They also open up incredible scenic views and allow fresh air passageways, reducing dampness and mold.

So how do you choose the windows that will provide the best experience for your beach house? Here's what you need to know.

Asking for recommendations is a great place to start. Using resources like friends, family, and neighbors who have recently remodeled or installed new beach house windows. They can give you valuable insight into the types of windows they chose and the quality of installation.

Those who have similar styles of homes or who live in the same beach setting can also offer helpful advice based on their day-to-day experience. Also, reputable window retailers in the area can offer their professional opinions. They may even provide examples of specific windows in a natural ocean-side environment.

Setting a budget is an essential part of buying windows for coastal homes. First, determine how much you wish to spend on the windows and list the materials that must be purchased.

When setting the budget, consider the installation cost. Also, include any additional custom work you may need.

It is essential to remember, though, that quality products come with a slightly higher price tag. But investing in top-of-the-line products can pay off in the long run as they will be more durable and energy-efficient.

Research all the available products in your budget range and compare them to make the best decision for your beach house windows.

Creating a plan and layout for your windows is essential in selecting the right ones for your home. Begin by assessing where the window will be placed inside and outside the home.

Next, consider the amount of natural light the window will let in and the impact of wind and weather. Take height, width, and depth measurements to determine the size of windows that best fit the space.

You must also consider the view the window will provide, deciding if any obstructions need to be considered.

Finally, consider personal style, as there are many different window designs. There are many different window designs, from traditional to contemporary, to fit any taste.

Knowing about the many window options can help you find the perfect one for your home. There are three main categories of windows: casement, sliding, and double-hung.

These windows open outwardly and allow for plenty of natural light and ventilation. They can be made of either wood or vinyl.

Casement windows offer higher levels of energy efficiency than other types of windows due to their tight seals. They also feature locks that provide added security.

Sliding windows are ideal for a beach house because they are resistant to corrosion and coastal damage. This type of window offers a modern, upscale look while offering ventilation and plenty of natural light.

Sliding windows feature two sashes, which slide horizontally in a single frame. They are easy to open and close, perfect for a breezy day at the beach.

These windows open from the bottom or the top and can be opened inwards to create a huge window opening that allows for natural airflow. They are also space efficient and provide light, making them ideal for beach house windows.

When it comes to warranties and insurance, it's vital to ensure that the window manufacturer offers both. Consider the type of warranty the manufacturer offers before committing to a purchase. Is the manufacturer willing to repair or replace any parts that may be broken or faulty?

Does the warranty include service or repairs for damages that may occur during normal wear and tear? Inquire about the duration of the contract and whether any additional insurance may be required.

Also, see if the windows have any extra insurance the manufacturer may offer. This will help protect you from any issues from installing the windows in a beach house.

It's essential to invest in the right windows, and having the security of a good warranty and insurance coverage can help significantly.

You should consider the amount of direct sunlight, the prevailing winds, and the temperatures in your region that will affect how much heat is trapped from the windows in your beach house. Opting for low or energy-efficient windows can keep too much heat out, which is especially important in warmer climates.

Windows with UV protection can also decrease radiation from the sun and help keep rooms more relaxed in the summer months. To further maximize comfort and energy efficiency, consider shades, awnings, or shutters for additional protection from the elements.

For needed protection from extreme weather and storms, high impact windows are an ideal choice. These windows are designed to stand up to the harshest elements of coastal living, including saltwater spray, humidity, and winds.

It is crucial to think about the different materials available. Wood is a classic option, as it is solid and durable and provides excellent insulation and soundproofing. But, vinyl-clad windows are more economical and can offer improved energy efficiency.

Metal-framed window products are famous in beach homes for their superior durability and UV resistance. In comparison, fiberglass windows provide excellent performance and can withstand salty air and humid conditions. There are also hybrid options, which combine different materials to offer the best in both aesthetics and energy efficiency.

Choosing the suitable window material will depend on your preferences, budget, and climate. After researching all the materials available, you can make an educated decision and choose the right ones for your beach home.

ENERGY STAR® windows are energy-efficient replacements that save energy and money and improve the comfort of your home. When buying energy-efficient windows, confirm that they have the correct NFRC label. NFRC is the National Fenestration Rating Council, an organization that rates the energy performances of windows.

When choosing which windows to install, it is essential to consider size and placement. Size should be determined by measuring the available space and the area in which the window will be placed.

Furthermore, consider the function of the window; for example, an ocean-facing window should be larger than one that faces the street or a garden.

Placement should be considered in relation to the prevailing wind and the sun's direction. Windows should be placed on the leeward side of the house to reduce air infiltration and enhance the window's protective screening.

When deciding the placements, consider which side would look better aesthetically. Considering this during the selection and installation process will ensure you get the best results.

When searching for the right beach house windows, it's essential to consider the type of window that will be the easiest to maintain. Vinyl is an excellent option for beach house windows, as it is non-corrosive and resistant to saltwater, wind, and sand. Plus, it requires little maintenance besides occasional cleaning with a mild detergent.

Casement windows are also great for beach houses. They swing out for easy access and ease of cleaning.

Fiberglass windows are another excellent option as they absorb sound and resist corrosion. They are also highly energy efficient. Moreover, they have a durable finish that makes them easy to clean and maintain.

Choosing the correct type of protective coating is essential to preserve the window's integrity. It maximizes its lifespan while protecting furniture, floors, and personal belongings from long-term exposure to sunlight, weather, and salt water.

A popular choice is an exterior grade, toughened glass with a low e-coating. It provides an effective barrier against various damaging elements. It ranges from ultraviolet radiation to condensation.

A window film product can also be applied to the glass for further protection to prevent condensation buildup. It reduces fading and even adds a layer of safety from accidental breakage.

When choosing, consider the cost and the long-term benefits each protective coating option can provide.

Before selecting the windows, look at the beach house and choose a general theme. It could be a rustic, retro, contemporary, or traditional look.

Think about what colors, textures, and designs look best with your overall beach house design. Then, consider the materials, finishes, and decorative accents to get the right look for your windows.

Get creative. Explore different options to find the perfect style, functionality, and beauty combination that brings out the best in your beach house design.

When choosing which windows to install in your beach house, consider their size, style, material, desired amount of natural light, and view. Always securely install good-quality windows with reliable locks and locksets that meet your local building codes.

A wide range of window options can make any beach house a dream come true, so what are you waiting for? Get started on transforming your beach house into a coastal oasis today!

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