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2 'Thrift'

Aug 24, 2023Aug 24, 2023

Do you love secondhand bargains and the thrill of the hunt? Central New Yorkers are in the right place. Because two cities in the region cracked the top 10 for best New York cities for vintage shopping!

Whether you're looking for something secondhand because you love the style and look, or whether you hunt for bargains because paying retail is just so damn expensive these days, it seems thrifty shopping is more popular than ever. Thrift stores often carry a diverse range of items, and many people appreciate the thrill of finding unique and one-of-a-kind pieces that stand out from mainstream retail options. Plus, the low price tags allow people to stretch their budgets and find great deals on quality items.

Thanks to good ol' fashioned analytics, the website were able to identify the best cities in the state for vintage shopping. And two CNY cities were named in the top 10:

Utica took the #10 spot on's list. Among the best places in town to find vintage stuff are:

Syracuse is apparently even better for thrift shopping, coming in at #5. Places worth checking out are:

Below are the top 10 cities in New York for thrift shopping: