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Best Golf Alignment Sticks 2023

Oct 07, 2023Oct 07, 2023

Looking for a new training aid? Take a look at our guide on some of the best golf alignment sticks on the market now!

Best Golf Alignment Sticks

One of the biggest problems we see in golf is players swinging through and hitting the ball on a poor trajectory. That is a common curse of many players and can cause things a nasty slice or hook. So, getting the plane of your swing right is absolutely imperative to making a good connection on the golf ball and hitting it straight. As so much goes on in your golf swing, from your address all the way to your follow through, there is always a tendency to drift and move your club in a way that would deviate from the best swing arc possible. But that's where alignment sticks come in.

As the best golf training aids go, alignment sticks are a sure fire way to help you improve the plane of your golf swing and keep you on a natural path coming down through the golf ball. Everyone from Tour pros to amateur golfers uses alignment sticks and we definitely recommend picking up a set if you're struggling with your swing. Their versatility on the range means you can set them up to complete a ton of different drills that can, for example, help you improve your accuracy with your long irons, or help ensure your club path doesn't deviate too far out in front of you.

Alignment sticks are also great for warm up drills on the course and can help you dial in your swing before you tee off. As golf is a game of fine margins, any advantage you can get over your opponents before you tee off is a bonus, right? So why not check out some of the brilliant alignment sticks I've set out below that cater to golfers of all experience levels. While you're here, if you're still in need of help on how to remedy your swing, why not also check out our guides on the best golf accessories, best golf simulators and best golf grips.

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+ Durable+ Easy to manage and story+ Can be dug into ground- Only come in three different colorsA professionally designed training aid, these alignment sticks from FINGER TEN are a fantastic way to help you improve your golf swing. Made of an ultra-resistant fiberglass, they are very durable and come with a handy clear tube case that protects the sticks when you're not using them. Thanks to their pointed ends, you can pretty much set these sticks up in any way you want and practice any drill, perfecting anything from your putter to your driver. And their cool colors will help you stand out on the range, akin to many of the colorful offerings on our best golf polo shirt guides, but also help you keep your club on the right plane to the golf ball.

+ Ergonomic and easy to carry+ Very lightweight+ Durable- Pack only comes with two rodsRhino Valley's foldable Golf Alignment Sticks are by far one of my favorite products on this list, purely for how ergonomic they are. As a golfer, I love to keep things simple. I don't like having to carry around heaps of equipment and the more portable my gear, the easier I find it to use. That's why I love these foldable, multi-purpose training aids that can be easily clipped up in your golf bag. Akin to some of the best portable launch monitors, these alignment aids are super easy to use and can be set up around the golf course. And you don't need to worry about breaking them either, with the Rhino Valley Sticks being made of a sturdy glass-fiber material that is very lightweight and easy to operate.

+ Reliable+ Easy to use+ Foldable- May be a bit brittle

Another excellent addition to this list from one of the most golf accessory brands on the market, Ray Cook. The brand are renowned for producing great value golf gear that can help you improve your game. Their twin pole alignment rods can be used for a variety of drills, from improving your putting stroke to developing your chipping game. The pack includes two alignment sticks that can be folded away, but when fully extended are two of the tallest sticks we've come across. While they are a long offering, they will fit nicely inside any of the best golf stand bags or best golf cart bags on the market. They're also a great option for beginner players looking to improve their ball striking, and if you're new to the game and are looking for a set of clubs, check out our best golf club sets guide.

+ Works for any putting stroke+ Almost endless amount of drills to be done+ Works indoors and outdoors- Instructions and drills on the packaging onlyYet another fantastic addition to PuttOUT's extensive range of putting training aids that can be used indoors or outdoors, this alignment stick pack will help you improve your putting thanks to its inventive technology. Combine it with one of PuttOut's excellent putting mats featured on our best putting mats and you'll have yourself a comprehensive putting training system that'll help you swing much more consistently.

+ Over a meter long+ Lightweight and portable+ Includes a pro's instructional guide- May be too long for some

If the PGA Tour branding on this alignment stick means anything, then it's that this is a high quality rod that you'll no doubt be able to use to help improve your swing. While it is one of the longer rods on this list, it's pointed end means it can be dug into the ground and used as a tool to help you keep your club on an even trajectory. It can also be set on the ground to help you strike the ball more fluidly with your putter. This rod also features a handy plastic case, that will keep it safe and secure when stored away in your bag.

+ Great for golfers of all abilities+ Rods feature nin rings to help with club alignment+ Rods can be staked easily to any turf- Higher price pointOne golf brand we see regularly popping up in the best golf putting trainer market is SKLZ. Producing some of the best putting mats in the business, SKLZ are one of the most reputable brands around. And their excellent alignment rods echo that sentiment. These are an innovative addition to this list that feature nine rings etched into their surface that are designed to help you with your club alignment, as well as chipping, putting and pitching drills. They are extremely lightweight and are made of a fiber glass material that makes them very sturdy if you accidentally knock one with your club on your backswing.

+ Excellent lime-green colorway+ Perfect for golfers of all skill levels+ Lightweight and durable- May be too big for junior golfersBoasting perhaps the best colorways on this list, the Pro Stix Lime Alignment Rods stand out as one of the coolest alignment sticks I've come across. Yes, green is one of my favorite colors, but if you're looking for a stick that's going to grab your attention and stop you from hitting it as you come down in your drive - then this is by far the one. It's neon green colorway cuts out from all other colors and is a great way to help you keep your swing on the right path! Practice is perhaps the best way to improve how you play, but using a forgiving set of irons or driver is also another way to help you hit the ball straighter and longer!

+ Durable rods+ Connectors help to improve range of drills+ Comes with a protective tube- Connectors can be fiddlyWhile buying a brand new driver is a great way to help you strike the ball better, nothing can beat practice. Sure having the best gear in your bag can make the game a little easier, but without a good swing that gear becomes worthless. So why not instead invest in your practice equipment. This is an inventive alignment tool that comes with a handy connector, which you can use to set up a T-shape on the floor, that can help you improve your aim off the tee.

+ Video your swing+ Reliable alignment rods+ Sturdy and very durable- Large price pointOften find yourself practicing alone on the course and need to have a look at your swing? Don't fret - we've got you covered with this inventive alignment stick that doubles as a selfie stick. Yes, you heard right, you can attach your mobile phone to this unique training aid and video your golf swing. Simply press the pole into the ground and use the very reliable stick clip to attach your phone to the end of the rod. That'll hold your mobile in place nicely as you practice striking through the ball. The rods can also be used to improve your club path alignment, helping you strike longer, straighter shots.

We think the best way to see if an alignment stick is any good is by using it. That sounds like an obvious statement to make but it is only by using a product a lot, and often, that we can gain an idea of usability, versatility, durability, value for money, and above all else, does it actually have a positive impact on our game? We use products at home, at the range, on the putting green, etc to see if specific training aids are actually worth buying. We should also mention that no manufacturer can pay for a good review because our team tells it how it is.

There are many different kinds of alignment sticks on the market and each one comes with a different set of specifications that can change the way you train with them. For example, some may be foldable while others may be super long. Others may come with special clips, while other products may come with phone holders for selfies. To ensure you get the right alignment rod for your needs, I've set out a few handy tips below that'll help you get the best value for your money!

1. Size

Depending on what you use your alignment stick for, size generally is one of the defining factors in what kind of rod you should buy. Most rods come in at over a meter long in size and that's probably the best length that allows you to use the stick for everything from driving to putting. You may also want to consider getting a smaller rod that might be more easy to carry, but that leads me on to my next point which is....

2. Portability

Yes this is perhaps the second most important thing to consider when buying a new golf alignment rod, as let's be honest, carrying around a huge pole in your golf bag isn't always the most ergonomic way to play golf is it? I personally prefer to use the rods that will fold down and slip easily into a pocket in my bag, but that depends on your preferences and what kind of bag you use as a golfer. One point to note is that there is a greater chance you will damage your alignment rods if you carry them in a club divider with your clubs, as opposed to folding them down and storing them in a pocket in your bag - so keep that in mind.

3. Color

This might not be a big deal for some golfers, but for me is a deal breaker. Having a brightly colored rod can help me see and visualise the area in which I shouldn't move my golf club. Seeing, for example, a bright neon green color in your eye line is a great way to help you keep the club on the right plane.

4. Durability

As with everything in golf, things can break easily. That's why its wise to ensure you're purchasing a set of alignment sticks that are strong and durable. This is particularly important considering you're going to be swinging your club nearly 100mph near to them, with it being very easy to miss-time your swing and connect hard with one of your alignment sticks. For that reason - think about how sturdy your sticks are!

5. Spikes

Particularly for when the weather is cold, always look out for sticks that come with a spiked end. This is important as to complete the majority of drills you'd use an alignment stick for you need to stake them into the ground. Having a pointy end on your sticks can therefore make life a lot easier for you when you come to practice! For more advice on some of the best products you can purchase to help you improve your game, take a look at our guides to the best golf training aids, best putting aids and best putting mats.

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