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Best soccer goal 2023

Dec 13, 2023Dec 13, 2023

Portable soccer goals help you set up your own soccer field in your backyard, if you and your kids want to practice or simply play soccer. These soccer goals will help you turn any open grassy area into a soccer field, whether you want to play a pickup game or soccer or practice for the next big game. The Pugg 6-foot Portable Soccer Goal is an exceptional choice for a soccer goal.

If you are playing soccer with young kids, you should go with a smaller-than-regulation soccer goal. Regulation soccer goals have 8-by-24-foot openings and tend to have too much space for a young goalie to cover. Soccer goals measuring about 6 feet by 4 feet work best for kids 6 years old and younger.

Soccer goals measuring about 12 by 6 feet work well for kids ages 6 to 10, and soccer goals with openings of 18 feet by 6 feet work well for pre-teens. For adults and teens, you can play with a regulation-size soccer goal measuring about 8 feet by 24 feet.

Portable soccer goals are usually much smaller than regulation soccer goals, so you can use these portable goals to improve your accuracy when shooting the soccer ball.

You can use portable soccer goals to easily move the soccer goal for various drills around the field. That way, you avoid damaging one area of the soccer field too much.

Your soccer goal should be made of high-quality materials. The most common materials for soccer goals are metal, PVC or plastic frames and rope or mesh nets. Most portable soccer goals use PVC or plastic frames, but some use metal, usually aluminum. The soccer net is typically composed of a basic nylon mesh.

Soccer goals usually either come in a rectangular shape or a D shape. D-shaped soccer goals have a horizontal base bar and a curved top bar. The curved top bar makes the soccer goal more portable, while the base bar gives stability to the soccer goal. Rectangular soccer goals are most similar to regulation soccer goals, but they are not as simple to disassemble as D-shaped soccer goals.

Keep in mind that the frame and net of the portable soccer goal are usually not quite as deep as a regulation soccer goal. This usually doesn't cause any issues for pickup soccer games and soccer practice, though.

Soccer goals range in price from about $20 to $250, depending on the quality, size and shape. The most basic soccer goals cost about $20-$40, while mid-range soccer goals go for $40-$100, and the high-end soccer goals vary in price from about $100-$250.

A. Permanent soccer goals typically have thick and strong metal posts that don't give or sway when a soccer player runs into them. Portable soccer goals, on the other hand, contain plastic posts that easily collapse when soccer players fall into them. A portable soccer goal is a safe option if you are concerned about a soccer player running or crashing into a goalpost.

A. Pop-up portable soccer goals often have a sideways D shape, with a curved line along the top and the straight line of the D on the ground. Other pop-up soccer goals have rectangular shapes, much like traditional soccer goals. Rectangular soccer goals enable traditional practice shots, while D-shaped soccer goals help soccer players learn how to shoot the soccer ball lower to the ground.

A. Longevity and durability differ a lot from one soccer goal product to another. Some portable soccer goals contain strong and durable materials, while other portable soccer goals are very cheaply made and will break easily.

[ Pugg 6-foot Portable Soccer Goal ]

What you need to know: These soccer goals from Pugg are perfect for scrimmages since they fold down small and weigh just 7 pounds.

What you'll love: This portable Pugg soccer goal includes a carrying bag, a spare parts kit, pegs, two goals, a single-piece spring steel frame and a top-quality knitted poly net. The goal also works well on turf, sand and grass.

What you should consider: There are sets available with both one soccer goal and two soccer goals.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

[ NET PLAYZ 4-foot by 3-foot Easy Fold-Up Portable Training Soccer Goal ]

What you need to know: This portable soccer goal set from NET PLAYZ offers a fairly authentic shape for backyard practice.

What you'll love: This NET PLAYZ soccer goal set features durable fiberglass tension poles, a set of metal stakes and two squared structure goals, each of which measure 3 by 3 by 4 feet. The goals also stand up well to prolonged use.

What you should consider: The rods on these portable soccer goals can snap occasionally.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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