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Product Picks: August 2022

Dec 04, 2023Dec 04, 2023

G Wood Pro is the exclusive distributor of Tantimber thermally modified wood products, a relatively new technology made when hardwood and softwoods are expertly treated in a specific, environmentally friendly process that "cooks" the wood, removing sugars, moisture, and strengthening the wood as well as its durability. Thermowood is engineered to be durable enough to handle extreme weather conditions in any climate, on top of being an aesthetically attractive choice for decorative purposes in plenty of architectural applications. During the modification process of Thermowood, the sugars are removed. These sugars are the natural food sources of mold, bacteria, and insects. Without their presence in the modified timber, the resulting wood is engineered to be much more resistant to rot, decay, and insect infestations, giving it a much longer lifespan. Available in Ash, Pine, Ayous (pictured), Iroko, and Tulipwood.

The new Dream Home Visualizer is an interactive design tool developed to enhance the roof selection experience. The new platform allows builders, contractors, remodelers, and homeowners to visualize the exterior of a home with multiple roofing material options and trim colors. To begin the visualization process, users may either select from a range of existing residential sample scenes or upload their own home photo or rendering. Once the home is selected, an easy-to-use interface prompts users to select from a range of products and accompanying trim colors. Tailored interface features, such as selecting the region of the home where the roofing products will be installed, ensure that the products selected are available. Once a user selects products, a comprehensive design report is auto-generated to include product information and project support.

Featuring 6′ wide, premium powder coated matte black or white aluminum framing that is available in full (6′) or half (42″) heights, the RDI Collection Privacy Rail can incorporate Barrette Outdoor Living's vinyl boards, their Decorative Screen Panels (DSPs)—or a combination of the two—as infills. Tongue-and-groove vinyl infill boards feature ClickConnect, a locking system that connects the boards together without any gaps, engineered to offer privacy and strength against wind or other potentially damaging elements. To create a semi-privacy option, homeowners can use vinyl boards in the bottom portion and DSPs in the top section—available in several patterns and colors. Using a special adaptor kit, DSPs easily slide into place to create a custom, contemporary look.

ProVia's line of patio doors are custom-built, so homeowners can specify the ideal style and size for the location and layout of their room. Door configurations may consist of two, three, or four panels, typically with one door sliding or swinging. Options for three- and four-panel doors may include either the right, left, or center doors swinging or sliding, depending on the layout of the room. Various material options enable homeowners to turn their patio door into an entryway that is unique to their space. Hinged doors manufactured from steel or fiberglass are available in a variety of paint colors and stains, as are vinyl sliding glass styles. Glass options can include privacy, double or triple glazed, grids, and internal blinds. Hardware options include painted metal handles and keylocks in standard colors like beige, sandstone, white, and black for a traditional look, or brass, nickel, and bronze for a more elegant finish.

FastenMaster has expanded its Cortex hidden fastening line with seven new colors of pre aligned, collated Cortex Plugs for the Trex Enhance decking system. The plugs are packaged with FastenMaster's exclusive Spotter Lid, specifically designed for proper Trex Enhance board installation on joists and rim supports. According to the manufacturer, time studies have demonstrated savings of up to 50% with pre-aligned and collated Cortex Plugs when compared with loose plug installation, helping installers save valuable time on the jobsite. Cortex Plugs are made from the same composite material as the deck to create a color and texture match, and come with a warranty for the life of the project. The new line of collated Cortex Plugs for the Trex Enhance system includes enough fasteners and plugs to install 100 linear feet of Trex Enhance—assuming two fasteners installed 16″ on center, along with two setting tools. Weather-resistant plastic tubs are sealed with the Spotter Lid and provide easy jobsite material handling and storage.

QuietBoard, from MP Global Products, is engineered to provide superior support for multiple types of flooring with great acoustic and waterproof benefits. With its dense construction, the product is designed to reduce impact noise while increasing floor stability and minimizing flex between planks to make floors solid and comfortable. QuietBoard's ECOWICK system is specially designed for maintaining structural integrity when moisture vapors are present. The fibers allow for the board to hold up to five times its weight in moisture while maintaining its shape and functionality and encouraging constant air flow and breathability. The material allows for the concrete to breathe, protecting the overlying flooring from harmful moisture and inhibiting mold and mildew. The dense, recycled fiber structure of QuietBoard is designed to absorb high levels of both impact and ambient sound, minimizing unwanted walking and room noises.

Nationwide Industries has expanded the Gate Saver Pro to include vinyl gates. The Gate Saver Pro 2.0 is engineered to offer a solution for sagging wood and vinyl gates, saving time and money for both the installer and homeowner. The Gate Saver Pro 2.0, like the original Gate Saver Pro, accommodates vinyl gates to prevent and fix sagging with just a twist of the aluminum brace. Available for gates 36″ to 72″, the Gate Saver Pro 2.0 is engineered to install with three steps: 1. Line up the Gate Saver Pro 2.0 and locate the buttons on the side to adjust the length of the brace to fit the gate. 2. Attach the Gate Saver Pro 2.0 brace by placing the angle brackets on the rails and using a screwdriver to drill the screws in the angle brackets. 3. Adjust the Gate Saver Pro 2.0 by twisting the bar to raise or lower the gate.

Designed for live-edge river tables, creative table making, wood slabs, wood working, and object art casting projects, Deep Pour epoxy finishes to a crystal-clear water-like appearance. This epoxy formula is developed for a long cure to make it easy to work with and UV stabilizers ensure no yellowing and a longlasting clarity. Deep Pour epoxy has been engineered to be low-odor, and zero VOC with a slow exothermic reaction to prevent cracking and shrinkage. It features a 2:1 mixing ratio and can be used indoors without ventilation or bulky respiration equipment. Each epoxy kit includes a resin (part A) and a hardener (part B). Once cured, Deep Pour epoxy can be trimmed, sanded, buffed, polished, or coated with a variety of finishing products such as oils, waxes, polishes, or Bar & Table Top epoxy. It's ready to demold after 72 hours, can withstand light use within seven days and reaches its maximum hardness after 30 days. Kits are available in .75 gallon and 1.5 gallon sizes.

Nova USA Wood Products has enhanced the color retention of its ExoShield Wood Stains by 30% as well as the formulations of its Walnut and Mahogany ExoShield colors. According to the manufacturer, these changes included reducing the red pigments in the Walnut stain to produce a richer medium-brown with some red undertones and the creation of a more natural-looking, subtler Mahogany color designed to increase the warmth of exterior hardwood and softwood decking, siding, and furniture applications. The latest ExoShield formulation includes the addition of proprietary polymerized oil resins as well as the highest amount of UV blockers that can be added while still allowing the formula to stay in suspension. The formula of new resins joined with the company's proprietary blend of Tung oil, high-quality UV blockers, fungicide, and trans oxide pigments, is designed to create a blend of long-lasting results with superior penetration.

An expansion of its Transcend line, Trex has introduced Transcend Lineage, offering new colors and enhanced performance features. Trex Transcend Lineage boards feature an elevated aesthetic with subtle, elegant graining designed to deliver a natural appearance. Available in two new color options: Rainier, an airy mountain grey, and Biscayne, a light coastal brown. Lineage boards are engineered with heat-mitigating technology in the shell designed to reflect the sun and keep boards cooler. Lineage boards are made from recycled and reclaimed content and engineered with a proprietary, high-traffic formulation. According to the manufacturer, no sanding, staining, or painting is ever needed, and spills wash off with just soap and water. Lineage boards are available in square and grooved profiles, measuring 1″x6″. Square-edge boards come in 16′ and 20′ lengths. Grooved boards come in 12′, 16′, and 20′ lengths and accommodate the Trex Hideaway Hidden Fastening System.

JELD-WEN's Auraline True Composite windows and patio doors are designed to blend the beauty of wood with strength and durability that is said to surpass vinyl. An alternative to vinyl and wood, the products blend wood fiber with synthetic polymers and a co-extruded color to create a material engineered to require no painting and limited maintenance. Auraline True Composite is described as twice as rigid as vinyl for improved strength and cleaner installation. Auraline True Composite windows and patio doors feature up to 28% more visible glass, providing homeowners with more natural light, which can reduce energy consumption from artificial interior lighting needs. Builders and homeowners can choose a white or black finish, with a chestnut bronze finish slated to launch later this year.

The new M18 FUEL Belt Sander from Milwaukee Tool is designed to offer professional carpenters and remodelers a powerful, and versatile cordless belt sander to assist in the jobsite material removal process. Generating 8 amps of corded power, the M18 FUEL Belt Sander offers users a faster material removal rate with a belt speed range of 700 to 1,350 surface feet per minute. It has been optimized for jobsite applications with a tool-free, adjustable pommel and ergonomic design that allows users to work in confined corners and spaces. Outfitted with a multi-layer dust bag and a universal vacuum hose adapter, the M18 FUEL Belt Sander is engineered to offers best-in-class dust collection with over 80% dust collected during use. Features include a dual LED work light, a lock-on button, and variable speed dial with five settings.

Synthetic-roofing manufacturer BRAVA has launched Aspire by BRAVA, a line of synthetic pavers made from recycled plastic and tires. Recently acquired from Azek, Aspire by BRAVA are high-performance pavers that can be used in both ground and roof applications. The pavers are made with up to 95% post-consumer recycled rubber and plastics removed from the waste stream. Additionally, Aspire by BRAVA pavers are manufactured using a process that requires 95% less energy and produces 96% percent less CO2 emissions than conventional concrete pavers. With multiple colors available and a natural textured finish, the pavers are designed with a patented grid system to reduce installation time and require less manpower than traditional pavers.

The 20V MAX Brushless Cordless Biscuit Joiner from DEWALT is part of the company's XR premium lineup of tools. The biscuit joiner is designed to deliver powerful and consistent cutting performance in a wide range of wood-based materials. According to the manufacturer, users can achieve accurate results with #0, #10, and #20 biscuits (all sold separately). Features include an integral fence designed to allow users to quickly and easily adjust the bevel capacity from 0 -90°. A paddle switch design accommodates left and right handed users. The electric brake is engineered to quickly stop the blade after the trigger is released, and retractable anti-slip pins assist holding material in place. Compatible with DEWALT's AirLock system or a standard 35mm dust extractor to minimize dust during cutting.

Diablo's Demo Demon Spade Bits are engineered to provide one of the most durable, effortless, and longest lasting hole drilling solutions on the market for nail-embedded wood. The DEMO-Edge dual cutting edges coupled with a self-feeding Dura-Tip are designed to power through nail hits for a smooth drilling experience and up to 60X longer life. An optimized curved paddle design is said to enhance the chip evacuation process, allowing for more holes per charge, engineered for increased shank stability and durability in cordless and corded impact and drill drivers.

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