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Rick Owens FW23 STROBE AMUN & HEDJET Lamp Helmets

Dec 26, 2023Dec 26, 2023

Never one to shy away from making a statement, Rick Owens has released what might be one of his most divisive designs to date: the AMUN and HEDJET lamp helmets from Fall/Winter 2022‘s "STROBE" menswear show.

The AMUN and HEDJET are two hat sculptures that are made from aluminum and fiberglass, sporting either a dual-prong or singular light bar that pokes up from the rounded head. The lights, which are fluorescent tubes that glow in a soft yellow hue, are housed within a wire frame for the AMUN, and freestanding on the single-light HEDJET. Both are secured to the headwear number with a Rick Owens-branded socket.

As for the structure itself, the design falls over the chest and covers the shoulders — much like a piece of retro-futuristic armor. It can be worn either turned on or off, as the item comes equipped with an external power unit used to light things up.

Given the rarity of the pieces, only a select number of retailers around the world have the helmets up for grabs. Head over to the likes of Maxfield LA to pick up Rick Owens’ AMUN and HEDJET now, costing $2,215 USD and $1,950 USD, respectively.

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