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The Wonder Pop Up, 'Alice in Wonderland'

Dec 23, 2023Dec 23, 2023

This spring, make sure you are not "late for an important date" as The Wonder Pop Up, an "Alice in Wonderland"-inspired dining experience, returns to Long Island now through May 14. The event moves from Farmingdale to a new location, The Edgewood on the Green in Brentwood.

" ‘Alice in Wonderland’ is a traditional fairy tale that kids through senior citizens can be intrigued by," says Michael Marra, president of Unique Social Events. "We’ve transformed the room into our own version of Wonderland. Guests can expect anything from massive floral designs to oversized fiberglass mushrooms, green bushes with roses, giant playing cards and a big Cheshire cat."

Guests will be greeted by live action characters such as The Mad Hatter, the Red Queen and title character Alice. The presentation will be a mixture of both the Disney cartoon and the Tim Burton live-action film.

"The characters will come out and do some skits from the movie, sing songs and then interact with each table," says Marra. "They will speak to individuals and engage them in one capacity or another."

The new venue has allowed the pop-up to double in size, expanding from 1,400 to 3,000 square feet. This makes room for 15 more seats and a full-size stage.

"We are able to bring a whole new experience as far as production goes. It will feel more like dinner and a show," says Marra. "The extra space will add a bit more to our production value."

Everyone will get an opportunity to take a selfie with the characters in front of various themed backdrops like a green hedge wall with roses and a neon sign that says, "We’re All Mad Here," as well as a giant keyhole that shows an escape to Wonderland topped with The Wonder logo.

Guests can also take home a printed version of their photo if they post it on Instagram with a special hashtag given to them by their server. Each printed photo is bordered with a picture frame and logo to take home.

All in attendance are free to cosplay away and dress up in their Wonderland best.

"We encourage our guests to make their own fun on top of what we provide," says Marra. "Everyone can dress as their favorite character or use any costume element they want."

The Wonderland theme extends into the cocktail menu. Taste We’re All Mad Here — a drink layered with pink and purple that mimics the tail of the Cheshire cat from the film. It consists of vodka, dragon fruit, triple sec, lime juice, lavender bitters and butterfly tea ($16). There's also Paint the Roses Red, an interactive drink with tequila, cream of coconut, lime juice and triple sec that comes with a small cup of grenadine ($17).

"The cocktail is white in color, and they pour the red shot in and stir, getting the experience of painting the white roses red," says Marra. "We even offer nonalcoholic mocktail versions for kids."

The dinner menu begins with a variety of appetizers ranging from the Fried Duo — homemade fried mozzarella triangles and fried risotto balls ($25) to Italian egg rolls filled with sausage, broccoli rabe and cherry peppers ($15). Entrees include honey-glazed balsamic chicken ($28), truffle mac and cheese ($24) and American smash burger ($20). Don't forget desserts such as hazelnut gelato flute with chocolate sauce ($12), Alice's Lemon Blueberry Crumb Cheesecake ($13) and the Red Queen's Cake laced with buttermilk and sweet cream cheese frosting ($14).

The tables, each wrapped with "Alice in Wonderland"-style paper, are set for two, four, six or eight people. Reservations are required, and no walks-ins will be accepted. Each session is 90 minutes.


WHEN | WHERE Seatings are Wednesday-Friday: 6 and 8 p.m., Saturday-Sunday: noon, 2, 4, 6 and 8 p.m.; April 5 — May 14, 600 Long Island Ave., Brentwood

INFO 516-274-8586,

ADMISSION $30 per person (all food and drinks are a la carte). Reservations only. No walk-ins.

David J. Criblez is a reporter for Newsday's exploreLI, covering entertainment-related events from local music to stand-up comedy to festivals.

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